*Reset both the cradle and the scanner to be sure that you starts from basic.*

  • Cradle: Push the button on the left side of the cradle and hold it until the Side Indicators are flashing red and green.
  • Scanner: Scan the Factory Default barcode below so the scanner is flashing red and green. 

(If you can’t scan anything, push the Reset Button on the scanner first using a paper clip)

  1. Scan the Factory Default barcode
  2. Scan the Uninstall barcode   
  3. Scan the PAIR Mode barcode
  4. Put the scanner into the cradle and wait for the pair confirm sound.

           The cradle will now have a steady blue light in the center indicator.

           The scanner will now give a green blink every 1,5 second in the status Indicator when it’s in the cradle.

       5. The scanner and cradle are connected when the Link Indicator is flashing blue every 2,5 second.

       6. If something not is going as planned, just start from point 1 again