/ Unboxing: 
  1. Unbox you M71
    Here you will find:
    -USB cable
    -PSU + Power adapter
  2. Take out the bottom screw off your DelfiScan M71
  3. Insert the included battery into your DelfiScan M71
  4. Insert the bottom screw back
  5. Press the scan button to power ON the scanner
  6. Plug your DelfiScan M71 cradle to the PC using the included USB cable
  7. Plug your DelfiScan M71 Cradle to power using the included PSU ot USB power if an outlet is not available
  8. Dock your DelfiScan M71 into the cradle and let it charge for at least 30 minutes before use

/ Pairing (when using your DelfiScan M71 For the first time you need to pair it with the cradle):   

  1. Scan the PAIR Mode barcode
  2. Put the scanner into the cradle and wait for the pair confirm sound.
  3. The cradle will now have a steady blue light in the center indicator.
  4. The scanner will now give a green blink every 1,5 second in the status Indicator when it’s in the cradle.
  5. The scanner and cradle are connected when the Link Indicator is flashing blue every 2,5 second.