*As default ENTER suffix is loaded into the scanner.
If you don’t want this ENTER suffix loaded into the scanner meanwhile the ”down” suffix has been loaded,
the ENTER suffix needs to be removed before that.
First, download the following Manual:

Procedure to remove the ENTER suffix (disable suffix):

  1. Go to page 28
  2. Scan ’Program’
  3. Scan ’Record Suffix’
  4. Scan Option Code ‘0’on page 53
  5. Scan ’FIN (Finish)’ on page 54
  6. Scan ’END’ on the same page

Procedure to add suffix, e.g. suffix ”down”:
  1. Go to page 28
  2. Scan ’Program’
  3. Scan ’Postamble’
  4. Go to page 49
  5. Find The ANSI description to the HEX/ANSCII table
  6. *The designation for ”Down” is ’GS’
  7. Find ’GS’ in the HEX/ANSCII table on page 50 (start with the numbers in the upper row)
  8. *’GS’ is 1D
  9. Scan ’1’ and ’D’ on page 53
  10. Scan ’FIN (Finish)’ on page 54
  11. Scan ’END’ on the same page
  12. The ”Down” suffix has now been loaded into the scanner