As default ENTER suffix is loaded into the scanner. 

If you don’t want this ENTER suffix loaded into the scanner meanwhile the ”down” suffix has been loaded, the ENTER suffix needs to be removed before that.

First, download the manual and following guide:

/ Procedure to remove the ENTER suffix (disable suffix):

  1. Scan Program on page 49
  2. Scan Record Suffix on page 49
  3. Scan Option Code on page 91
  4. Scan FIN (Finish) on page 91
  5. Scan END on page 91

/ Procedure to add suffix, e.g. suffix ”down”:

  1. Scan Program on page 49
  2. Scan Postamble on page 49
  3. Go to page 88 and find the character you want as suffix, in this example GS.
    On page 87 is a description of special character.
  4. To read the ASCII table you have to take the number on the top column
    then the number in the first row 
    in this example 1 in the top column and D in the first row, for GS
  5. Scan Option Code 1 og D on page 91
  6. Scan FIN (Finish) on page 91
  7. Scan END on page 91
  8. The "Down" suffix has now been loaded into the scanner