1. Place the ribbon and paper core on one of the two ribbon holders as shown at the picture.

    Be sure the ribbon and paper core are Pushed in all the way. 

  2. Install the ribbon and holder to rear ribbon drive unit. The splines on the ribbon drive gear mechanism engage with the end of the ribbon holder. 

  3. Push the large blue-head open lever to release the head unit. Pull out the ribbon from the bottom of the head unit to the ribbon winding side. 

    Using the adhesive leader of the ribbon or some adhesive tape, fix the ribbon that you have pulled out on the ribbon holder which the paper core has been set and wind it on the ribbon holder. 

  4. Set the ribbon holder on which the paper core has been set in the ribbon drive unit, then rotate it in the direction shown by the arrow to remove slack and wrinkles from the ribbon. 

  5. Push the head close knob to lower and lock the head unit. Be sure always to push the head close knob to lock the head unit.

    If the ribbon is wrinkled, push the FEED key until the wrinkles disappear. If the wrinkles do not disappear or if it slips, perform ribbon balance adjustment and ribbon tension adjustment.